Complete Hibernate Tutorial with Example

Here I am consolidating all articles on hibernate to create this hibernate tutorial. All important topics required to beging with hibernate and acquire average proficiency are covered in the articles with examples.  It contains basic hibernate content’s which are good for beginer’s hibernate understanding. Below links provide hibernate concept explaination and hibernate code examples also.Also the first hibernate tutorial example gives you the starting code to try out further concepts of hibernate. More complex concepts can be found in hibernate reference material.

Hibernate Example on Eclipse and Oracle: Start with this code on Eclipse and using Oracle database.

Hibernate ORM Basics: It gives details of object relational mapping and how hibernate provides support to the database interaction in object oriented way.

Hibernate Object States Revealed: Hibernate takes a Java object through different states while interacting with database. This hibernate tutorial topic is explained with different considerations to be made while dealing with all states.

Hibernate Session Factory: It is core of hibernate’s database connection. There are many controlling parameters. Important aspects of hibernate session factory are discussed in this article.

Hibernate Mapping Basics: ORM is mapping of objects with tables in a relational database. We start with mapping concepts in this article. If hibernate mapping concepts are not explained, hibernate tutorial is incomplete. We understand hibernate mapping basics and hibernate mapping advanced concepts with code examples in this hibernate tutorial.

Hibernate Association Mappings: Many – To – One: Details of Many-to-One unidirectional mapping are explained in this article.

Hibernate Association Mappings: One – To – Many: Details of One-to-Many unidirectional mapping are explained in this article.

Hibernate Unidirectional One to One Association Mapping: Details of One-to-One unidirectional mapping are explained in this article.

Hibernate Bi-Directional Mapping in Detail: All above mappings can be reversed i.e. one can traverse in the relation in bottom up approach which is start from child and reach the parent.

Hibernate Inheritence Mapping Strategies: Object oriented concept of inheritence can be implemented in hiberntate using three different stategies, this hibernate tutorial discussed those strategies in detail along with advantages and disadvantages of those.

Hibernate Query Support through HQL, Native SQL, and Criteria Search: Hibernate introduces new query language, i.e. hibernate query language, which handles data persistence in object oriented way. It also supports the SQL. Details of these two languages are discused in this article, and also the hibernate criteria search API is discussed here.

Hope you gain better understanding of hibernate concepts and your required hibernate code examples in this hibernate tutorial.


  1. All your tutorials are excellent, especially the Spring and Eclipse tutorial. Please keep posting more tutorials for beginners like me.

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    Hibernate tuterial is very good. but please try to give some example using dynamic web application(html page).

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    sir please give me small information.i want require create using jsp,struts,hibernate we can use searching(ex:table name) from database

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    I have a doubt, in one-to-one relation I want to insert parent only when child object is null , is it possible?. please suggest me.

  5. Please Add Some Screen shot in this tutorial. that can help understand mush better. thank you. your tutorial is good for new students.

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