Java Static Import

July 10, 2009 Deepak 0

Amongst many other new features, Java static import is an important feature introduced in Java 5. Here are details of it along with code examples.

Java Varargs Explained

July 9, 2009 Deepak 3

Java 5 provides many important features. One of them that can simplify Java usage is Java varargs. Details of this feature are explained in this post.

Java Autoboxing

July 6, 2009 Deepak 0

Java autoboxing feature is introduced in Java 5. This post explains different aspects of java autoboxing with code examples.

Java For Each Loop Examples

July 3, 2009 Deepak 2

Java for each loop makes for loop in java elegent. In this post we discuss different aspects of it with code examples along with advantages and limitations.

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Spring Python Released

July 2, 2009 Deepak 0

Spring framework used dependency injection (DI) principle (also called as inversion of control) to provide a container that can offers many services to Java applications. […]

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Generics in Java 5 Explained

July 2, 2009 Deepak 6

Generics, is an important feature introduced in Java 5. Java introduced many other features, but this is the only feature which adds flexibility to strongly […]