Agile Myths

Here are few agile myths that I hear when people talked about Agile-Scrum. Most of these people were either had little or no knowledge of Agile. Some of them also used these lines to not go for Agile.

Agile Myths:

  • Means standup meeting: If I am doing standup meetings, I am doing agile. This is what some people thought. Eventually they were conducting only standup meeting in their sprint.
  • Is only for development projects: Support/maintenance projects cannot follow agile.
  • Requires zero process: This was from the process (CMM) hating group thought. They actually wanted to follow agile because according to them, there are no processes.
  • Requires no data collection: It was continuation of above point, that there is no data collection required. May be they don’t like the data collection while following processes.
  • All team members need to be expert in agile: If you want to follow agile, first get all team members certified. Then only we can go for agile.

Agile Myths

  • Reduces development effort considerably: Some people wanted to go for agile because of this reason. Though it actually happens sometimes if the method is followed strictly, and team synergy increases overall throughput, but at estimation level you don’t consider this.
  • Managers will be jobless: They had a fear, and hence didn’t want to adapt this methodology. Reason might be the absence of any role called manager in Scrum team.
  • Zero documentation: It made some team members, who unwantedly got pushed into documentation, happy.

When you are practicing Agile, or talking to people about Agile, many people try to express their opinion about Agile. Many are purely misconceptions that stop them from using Agile. Subsequently getting benefits of Agile in their projects. If you have come across any such misconceptions around agile which can be called as Agile Myths, please feel free to share those here.

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