Ten Things That Make Agile Architect is Different

Definitely an Agile architect is different than the architect performing in waterfall or any other model. What are these differences? Let us see.

Agile Architect

Continuous Activity

You are not going to define the architecture in the beginning of project and run off. You have to be there throughout the project, playing different roles.


Be Agile, be Ready for a Change

Agile is built to accommodate change. Hence there will be a requirement in next sprint that will change your beloved architecture. Be ready for that.


Not an Owner of Solution

Now you are not owner of solution, but it is going to be team. So, if earlier you were defining the solution and taking crown on your head, now start sharing it with your team members.


Don’t Define, Let it Evolve

Changing requirements, team’s contribution, sprint by sprint progress, are going to make the architecture evolve. Hence don’t define everything in the beginning and wash off your hands, just give birth to it, and let it grow and evolve.


More to Safeguard Than Define

Team is going to define the architecture; you are going to use SAAM, ATAM or whatever techniques to evaluate it against the quality of service parameters. In each sprint, just apply an evaluation method and see if it is not losing path to Mount Everest.


Depend on Automation

Automate as much as possible to keep an eye on quality of code to safeguard architecture from deformation.


Pour Your Experience

Pour experience to shape team architecture decisions and to justify rightness of some of your insistences.


Document Less, Communicate More

Just document the solution broadly or build a pilot or proof of concept, which is tiny representation of end solution. Don’t spend time in documenting in and out of what you are going to see after completion of project. Just share the vision, rational, decisions with team continuously.


Cyclic Role Changes

No point in getting bored by repetition. In each sprint you are going to be strategist, solution architect, and architect and quality controller. Transform yourself at right time into right role.


Be Part of Team

Throw superiority into dustbin. You are part of team, gel with them, have fun, share views, and be part of team synergy while performing the roles.

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