Weird Request from Microsoft To Google

Each day, Google receives millions of requests to take down links because of copyright issue. Google has automated process to remove links according to the requests, but it also ensures that they are removing the links which are actually supposed to be removed, and genuine links are kept alive. Hence a filtering mechanism is introduced, which is working effectively so far. But recently, Google received a strange request, which shocked entire Google team which handles this department.

This request was made by LeakID on behalf of Microsoft. It was to remove Microsoft sites own links. This is definitely weird. Microsoft and LeakID, an anti-piracy specialist, haven’t confirmed this news. Google’s filter mechanism filtered this request, and did not remove requested links. But Google think tank is taking this request seriously, and analyzing it on many fronts.


They are thinking that Microsoft does not want Google search engine to send request to their site so that in future they can also remove links to Google. This is purely from competition point of view. It can also be due to the popularity of Google search engine, published recently in US.

They are also analyzing if Microsoft thinks that contents of their own links are actually copyright violations, pirated. It may be that they have analyzed the contents and have found them suitable to take down. But nobody knows the truth. But Google believes that Microsoft will not copy thinks from others hence they continued having those Microsoft links on web, while continuing further analysis.

Let us see if LeakID or Microsoft go back to Google and confirm the piracy of contents on Microsoft pages and ask to remove those links again, or say that it was a mistake.

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