Khalil Shreateh to Overtake Mark Zuckerberg in Earning

What it can be called as unprecedented has happened with Khalil Shreateh, a gentleman or nice-guy hacker, who got may be no respect from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, but from rest of the world.

Yes, he is the hacker who had to post finally to Facebook CEO’s, so called the most protected wall, to communicate his success in hacking Facebook, which was otherwise denied by Facebook many times, though it was a genuine effort.

He, accepting Facebook challenge of finding out security vulnerabilities of Facebook, has put conclusive effort to find out a security loop-hole, which allowed him to post anybody’s wall on Facebook. This is a very big security concern as long as social networking giant user’s privacy is concern. When he tried to inform this to Facebook, they denied his reward claims, $500, even after he using Mark Zuckerberg’s wall to post to give proof of his claim. Hence rest of the world has stepped up to support him and to acknowledge his research efforts.


In an attempt to this Mark Maiffret used to raise funds for Khalil. To a surprise, the fund demand raised in this request is already met and exceeding. It is also expected that Khalil will get more and more paid hacking requests from other organizations, who want to check their security quality. Actually these earnings are expected overtake Mark Zuckerberg’s earnings. Khalil’s security products in future may collect money which will be far more than Facebook revenue. This money will also include money given by Facebook to secure themselves.

One can say that this is the most expensive wall painting done by anybody in this world.

Keep watching this section for more such fake tech news.

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