New Zealand to Legalize Code Copy Paste

Today New Zealand bans software patents. It has been receiving wide welcome across new software developers. New Zealand government thinks that it is almost impossible to write absolutely new code; hence someone patenting any software does not appear logical.

As this decision is welcomed, New Zealand government is planning to introduce new bill that will legalize copying code. There are multiple aspects that are being thought behind this permission. First thing is basis of patenting law that has been passed. It claims that it is impossible to write absolutely new code, and then why not copy already written code. It is may involve some discretion of author of code, but there is no point in stopping someone from copying the code.


Going into bit deeper, the law makers are explaining finer benefits of this decision to software development. If copying of code is permitted, it will increase software developer’s productivity considerably. It will increase reuse of existing code considerably. If existing code is quality code, then there are going to be clear cost benefits in new software development.

It is also expected that this reuse will reduce the millions of lines of code that is being written every year, and huge amount of money being spent on writing and maintenance of this code. It will also encourage developers to write new code than duplicating code.

An important shift in open source software development is expected if this decision is realized. New framework developers will have to provide code using their new software that can be directly copied by framework users. As this code is going to be provided by the open source (and even proprietary) framework developers, it is going to be best code.

Overall there will be a big change in software development process, as the focus is going to be reuse as much as possible and just write new code if required.

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