Organizations Find Employees Working for Facebook WhatsApp

Many organizations have come with this observation and serious concern with many of their employees. Organizations are finding their employees actually working to increase revenue of Facebook, WhatsApp and now a days that of’s Candy Crush, which is actually employees working for Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.

Due to smart phone’s and high speed internet connections, these, Facebook and WhatsApp, applications are continuously available to employees, even at work. Notification services of these applications, give instant alerts on any updates from others in network. Most of the employees have these smart gadgets, and get distracted by these alerts. They end up visiting these apps and continuing spending time in posting on Facebook or chatting on WhatsApp. This is not only consuming time of employees for many hours in a day but also becoming a cause of frequent emotional disturbances. It is observed that there is no fixed time when employees are using these apps, but these are getting used at any time during working hours. Not only at desk but while walking, in canteen, even in meetings and trainings, people spending time on Facebook and WhatsApp. Many people have their managers added to friends list or group chat list, through which managers are able to track employee’s post time back to what an employee is expected to be doing at that time. This mapping has led to such surprising findings.

Applications consuming most of the time

Another major time consumer of employees is Candy Crush Saga game by The kind of addiction this game is cause to people is amazing. It is seen that employees addicted to Candy Crush do not lose any opportunity to play this game even in office. Even few employees are using toilets to play games, and are spending more time at these private places, which is really surprising.

Organizations are considering this time spent on these applications as time spent to increase revenue of app owner organizations. Hence it can be easily termed that their employees are actually working for the app companies, which is not at all acceptable to them. Few organizations are even saying that up to 50% of their time is spent on these apps by the fresh graduates joining their organizations. These are actually shocking statistics. Going further, IT Cos are saying that there is 10-30% productivity impact without considering bench people’s time, as it is absolutely unaccountable.

Organizations are observing serious drop in productivity of employees due to this. Hence they are trying to strictly observe employees. As it is not possible to use any jammer or blocker specifically to these apps, there is a chance that Smart phones will be banned by many employers. But this might create impact on other good usage and also negative sentiment in employees. Many other options are explored to save this productivity leak.

Whatever may be conclusion but there is a serious behavior change due to these apps. Keep watching this space for more such fake tech news.

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