NSA to Sell NSA Encryption

Security and Encryption

The U.S. National Security Agency has been busy since 2000 in cracking many encryptions being used across globe. They are cracking almost all encryptions used across industries to secure their data. It is not only Facebook, Hotmail, Google, or Yahoo who are facing this challenge from NSA’s decryption but many banks, finance institutions; commerce data transferors, trade secrets and medical records keepers are also feeling heat of this decryption of data by NSA. Many are analyzing the reason behind NSA’s dedicated effort to challenge global encryptions. There were many speculations including if NSA to sell their own nsa encryption to world?

There are many guesses by global security community on the reason behind NSA’s dedicated effort using Super Computers, and investing of billions of dollars by this security agency. These guesses include – they want to scan through data, they want to prove their ability over global Cos, and so on. But there hasn’t been any concrete information or guess so far.

But now the reason is clear behind this huge investment. They want to come up with their own encryption that cannot be cracked by anybody. They want to have the strongest encryption method which can be sold to rest of the world as they are already facing heat of cracked down encryption. As currently no body is expected to crack their encryption, they will be having monopoly in this segment of business. It is expected to return multiples of their invested money. It is also believed that this will allow them to have ability to read through any data transferred through any encryption.

Securing transferred data is a big challenge now days when it is almost impossible to do business by not doing so. Encryption is the only way and NSA is going to author it. Hence all those who wants to encrypt data needs to be ready to pay to NSA.

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