Thoseghar Waterfall – Satara

April 5, 2009 Deepak 1

Thoseghar, A 1000 feet waterfall, this is what is special in this small village. It pulls thousands visitors from all over Maharashtra during the rainy season every year.

Yavateshwar – A Unique Shiva Temple in Satara

March 21, 2009 Deepak 0

Yavateshwar, another peaceful place in the outskirts of Satara city where people of Satara and around can be found spending time. I can definitely think of spending a couple of hours visiting this place early morning, especially in rainy or winter season to see some thing unique there.

Ajanta Caves – A True Wonder

March 9, 2009 Deepak 0

Ajanta caves, whenever I heard anybody speaking about these, it was always full of surprises, admiration and followed by good quotations. This made me feel really excited, when I planned to visit the caves. It was going to be an opportunity to see something miraculous…